Here is what people are saying about Odd Evening at the House of Grease.

"A bizarre visit to a lunatic corner of the Upper Midwest... the dark underbelly of the Lake Wobegone experience, where the men are good looking, the women are twisted, and the children are ADHD with hyperactivity - otherwise known as normal."
~ A reader who "laughed her a** off"

"What a good read!"
~ A long time friend

"A fun book!"
~ A well-read father in law

"I think you hit it out of the park with this one!"
~ The editor (in reference to the final draft).

"Wow. You must have worked hard on this..."
~ Anon

"Now I have to go and read the beginning of the book."
~ A great bookseller

"It looks like something I'd like to read too."
~ Another great bookseller

"Even better than Hemingway!"
~ No Juan Ever


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You may have noticed a lack of names associated with these quotes. This was due to a marked lack of permission. It wasn't given because it wasn't requested. Planning is a good thing.